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Improving Irrigation Precision

June 28th , 2016 By Jamie Destouet

Fresh water is fast becoming one of the rarest and more precious commodities on Earth. And that goes triple if you’re invested in a large-scale agricultural business. Even small farms are highly interested in making the most of every valuable drop. Always looking to innovate and make farming more efficient, developers have found a way to increase the precision of irrigation by improving nozzle systems on pivots sprinklers, advancing propane-powered irrigation, creating more advanced ground soil sensors and many others.

Excerpt from the article: “Now that crops are up and growing, you’re probably thinking about where, when and if you need to add water. New technologies are being rolled out this year are helping to make those decisions…we’ve rounded up five irrigation technologies that are making the whole process of irrigation cheaper, more accurate or more automated than ever before…”

Read the entire article by Jodie Wehrspann at Farm Industry News here: http://www.farmindustrynews.com/variable-rate/5-new-irrigation-technologies-aim-precision