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Colorado Wildfire's Impact

July 21st , 2016 By Jamie Destouet

Unfortunately, for some, wildfires are devastating natural (and occasionally man-made) disasters that burn thousands of acres of forest, level homes and neighborhoods and ultimately alter the lives of both human and animal residents forever. These changes are almost always laden with short- and long-term consequences and can drastically shift the balance of an area's ecosystem in mere minutes. Wildfires can threaten endangered and rare land and water life, alter growing patterns for years, influence the work of organizations that focus on outdoor living and recreation and, occasionally, reveal some surprising benefits.

Excerpt from the article: "I want to say that we did not cover much of the effects on lives and property. I certainly do not want to minimize how horrific that can be, but other types of news outlets and reporters do a great job of covering those issues. What we talked about was the impact on organizations, resources, wildlife, recreation and habitat."

Photo Credit: Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

For the full article by Terry Wickstrom featured on The Denver Post Online, visit: http://www.denverpost.com/2016/07/19/wickstrom-colorado-wildfires-effects-on-wildlife-recreation-and-habitat/