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On-Demand Farming Support

July 26th , 2016 By Jamie Destouet

Everyday, farmers engage with the land and heavily utilize various technological equipment to keep production at its peak. When a part of that system breaks down--whether it is harvesters, irrigation systems or even a question about strange crop growth--everyone can use an expert's perspective, especially at the heart of the harvest when timing is everything. Equipment failure can be time consuming and costly and sometimes a glitch in the system is just that--a glitch? But how can you know for certain? AgriSync, a new smartphone app, assists in shortening those down times by allowing you to talk to experts out in the field instead of waiting for them to come to you.

From the article: "AgriSync is a mobile-based support tool that connects you with service advisers remotely via smartphone. It serves as a single point of access to all your advisers, whether agronomic- or machinery-related. You and advisers communicate in real-time video, providing a more robust service experience than a phone call. A service experience with AgriSync is timelier and less expensive than an in-person service call."

Read the full article by Bill Spiegel at Successful Farming at Agriculture.com here: http://www.agriculture.com/technology/mobile/agrisync-app-connects-you-with-service-providers