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GIPSA Rule Withdrawn by USDA

October 18th , 2017 By Feed-Lot eNews

From Feed-Lot eNews: The USDA withdrew its controversial GIPSA rule this week, and the decision was met with cheers and jeers from various segments of the livestock industry. NCBA praised the decision, with National Cattlemen's Beef Association's Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, saying, "This is a victory for America's cattle and beef producers - and it's a victory for America's consumers. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue deserves a great deal of thanks and credit for this smart decision. The proposed rule would have crippled cattle producers' ability to market their products through the value-added programs that help make American-produced beef the most delicious and nutritious in the world. This is a decision worthy of celebrating this evening with a top-quality steak." The rule would have given the government greater control on how livestock are marketed. The rule was originally published in December 2016. USDA accepted and analyzed comments on the interim rule this spring. After careful review and consideration of all comments received, the agency announced it was withdrawing the rule. For more news on the cattle industry, visit: FeedLotMagazine.com