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Who Owns Most of America?

October 31st , 2017 By lovemoney staff

Around 72% of land in America is privately owned, and a significant proportion of this land is controlled by a surprisingly small number of families and individuals. From landed dynasties that date back to pre-Civil War days, to more recent names such as billionaires Jeff Bezos and Stan Kroenke, we spill the beans on America's largest landowners, as compiled by The Land Report magazine. To give you some context on the land sizes, the whole of New York City is around 195,000 acres. To view the slideshow compiled by the Lovemoney Staff on MSN Money, please visit: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/revealed-the-people-who-own-most-of-america/ss-AAsX28S?ocid=se#image=1