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Crush Clutter to Close

February 18th , 2018 By Ann Abernethy

From the Article: "Here are 7 steps to take BEFORE you market your home. You've made the big decision to sell your home. Who doesn't want to get the most for their money? Are you wondering where to begin what seems to be an overwhelming task. Now what? Before you put it on the market, take a pause, a step back, and a closer look. First things first. Give yourself some time. This could take awhile. You've devoted years to accumulating your 'stuff'. It has been there so long, you no longer see it! So, it could take a few days to get 'er done, or a week, or a month. Just take the first step." To read the article by AFR Member Broker Ann Abernethy on the Ranch Marketing Associates blog, click here.