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Mid-Day Hunting: Whitetail

April 11th , 2018 By Larry Weishun

“Think I’m going to watch football, Texas is playing one of the old Southwest Conference teams, and I do not want to miss the game. Beside no self-respecting mature whitetail buck would be caught out in this heat.” I nodded an affirmative as if to agree. Frankly I hoped he and the others who were in camp would think likewise! The temperature hovered near a “balmy” 95 degrees. Wind gusts blew upwards of twenty-five miles per hour, out of due south. The Hunter’s Moon, the first full moon of November, had risen as the sun went down and set as the sun rose in the morning. The afternoon before I had arrived in camp just in time to hunt for an hour, before dark. I had not seen even a single doe. My following early morning hunt had not been any more exciting...." To read the entire article on the VIR site, BACK