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On the Hunt: Black Bear

April 13th , 2018 By Larry Weishun

“You packed and ready to go?” asked Sean Lingl. I was….but really did not want to drag my Boyt travel bag and gun case down stairs to head to the airport to begin the long flight back to Texas. The hunt had been a fun one. For several days Sean a long time friend and ace black bear guide, Jamie Romeril blacktail deer hunter extraordinaire, my cameraman and I had been hunting on Vancouver Island. What had started out as a blacktail deer hunt I had set up with Sean at the Dallas Safari Club convention, soon headed toward a black bear hunt. I had dearly hoped to take what some biologists, such as Valerius Geist, describe as the only true Columbian blacktail deer, those uninfluenced by mule deer or whitetail blood, as those on the continent can be....

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