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Bourdain: Life In Uruguay

May 9th , 2018 By Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is a master storyteller who has spent his entire life cooking, eating, travelling the world and sharing his experiences with TV viewers for over two decades. The latest episode of his series Parts Unknown delves into the beautiful and haunted country of Uruguay.

AFR has a featured international property in Uruguay. The Big Game Hunting Lodge (Isla Patrulla, Treinta y Tres, Uruguay) id private and secluded. The main residence has eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms and beautiful views. In addition to hunting, the property offers recreational and tourism activities; trekking, fishing, horseback riding, etc. The area is full of hills with countless water courses and natural forests covered with indigenous vegetation. Various game include red deer, axis deer, fallow deer, mouflons/cimarrones, wild boars and chivos. The reserve is fenced with a game fence of 7.2 feet high. (Priced Upon Qualified Request)

To read his notes and watch clips from the show, click here.