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Hunting With A Camera

July 2nd , 2018 By Ed Godfrey

[PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN] Walking into Ralph Thompson's home in Oklahoma City is like walking into an art gallery.

His walls are covered with beautiful photographs from around the world that Thompson has taken in the 60-plus years he has carried a camera.

For his professional job, Thompson held a gavel. He is a federal judge, retired from the U.S. Western District Court of Oklahoma. For his serious hobby, he held a Nikon.

“It makes me more observant of people, places and things,” Thompson said of his passion for photography.

Thompson, 83, has photographed people, places and things on every continent. Wildlife photography has been a major pursuit. He's snapped pictures of polar bears near the Arctic Circle. Penguins in Antarctica. Grizzly bears in Alaska.

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