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Best Places for Land to Retire

July 9th , 2018 By LandHub

Whether retirement is on your radar now, a few years down the road, or a decade or more in the future, many people plan to (or dream of) finding a perfect plot of land for sale in the U.S. and hunkering down to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation.

But when it comes to a topic like “the best places for retirement” or “top spots to buy land for retirement,” the answer is extremely subjective and personal. The options are enormous and the variables like the price of land, cost of living, tax issues, amenities, and lifestyle desires will vary from person to person.

Obviously, there are plenty of spots to find cheap land for sale and locations where taxes are also well below normal. But, do you really want to live there?

Instead, we’ve scoured the web for data and suggestions from a variety of sources who have crunched the numbers and compiled recommendations for great spots to buy land for retirement.

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