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Merry Christmas & New Year!

For many, the season is special for the simplest of reasons. It gives us all a chance to take time off from work, gather family and friends close and “reset”. Whether its with a mind to wind down after a long year or make plans on starting a new one, memories are built on the special events and with whom you get to share them. Here are some of our favorite Christmas memories from some of our team members and brokers.
“The holidays are special to me because it’s the one time of the year my kids and I stop the craziness of our lives and spend time together. We spend time making the cookies from Gramma’s recipes, decorating the Christmas tree, deciding on what to have for Christmas Eve dinner and enjoying time with my extended family that we don’t see often enough.”—Lori with Legacy Lands

“As a kid, we would strap on ice skates and turn the Laramie River into our personal skating track. The river was frozen solid with logs and branches breaking through, so it was like an obstacle course. We’d have to dodge the logs, open water and rocks—there was a real thrill to it. The holidays always brought us together, so our group would enjoy a race down the river—one of the most exciting ways to spend a day outdoors. Then, at night, we’d follow the river south to this beaver dam and build a bonfire to keep warm, share stories and just hang out with the people we cared for. It was a really special experience for me growing up. Plus, it was nice because we always knew Christmas dinner was waiting.”–Charlie with Powers Land Brokerage

“Christmas was almost a month-long celebration for my family! Some of my favorite memories are driving to different places and looking at the Christmas lights on all the houses. Each time we passed a decorated house, we had to all sing a Christmas song. By the time Christmas was a few days away, so many of the houses were decorated and we had to switch songs so often that we’d forget lyrics and end up making up our own. It was silly and fabulous.”–Darcy Duda with American Farm + Ranch

Best wishes,

The AFR Team