What is American Farm + Ranch?

Welcome to American Farm + Ranch: Your Gateway to Rural Real Estate Excellence

Discover the essence of rural real estate with American Farm + Ranch, where we take pride in our network of independent member brokerages. Like the diverse states of the United States, our members are local market leaders, each fostering excellence in their own domain. We embrace the freedom that comes with autonomy, understanding that true strength lies in the specialized expertise of our individual brokers. Join us as we celebrate the unique spirit of independence while uniting under the common goal of delivering exceptional results in rural property transactions. Explore with us and experience the difference that expertise, autonomy, and unity can make in your land real estate journey. Welcome to a community that values individuality and collective strength—welcome to American Farm + Ranch.


Our members specialize in farm, ranch, rural and specialty properties across the country and around the globe. Their areas of expertise include: Livestock Ranches, Equestrian Facilities, Agricultural Farms, Sporting Properties, Timberland, and Recreational Lifestyle Properties.