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Patrick Boykin

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Patrick grew up in a half Arkansas and Texas Family. His mother, from Fort Smith, married a west Texas rancher. Patrick made it somewhat unscathed as a child during football’s Southwest Conference era and entered the Air Force right after high school. He was trained as an aircraft mechanic before getting his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics and attending pilot training in Del Rio.

He spent 22 years traveling the world while flying numerous aircraft and performing various missions. He is a Gulf War veteran and his Air Force career culminated as an exchange pilot flying for the Navy, and served as Director of Operations for a Naval Flight Training Squadron in Corpus Christi.

After earning his Masters in Business Administration, Patrick retired in Austin and started his own company within the security industry. The company was one of only four in the nation supporting the analysis of critical infrastructure and assets of the U.S. for Homeland Security after 9/11. He then worked for various startup companies in Austin.

Patrick has spent many years looking for the perfect ranch for his wife’s family. After finding the perfect one, Patrick has managed the family’s ranch and cattle operation near Johnson City, Texas for the last several years and is a recent graduate of Texas A&M’s Ranch Management University. He is also a member of the Pedernales Wildlife Management Association. Patrick is intimately aware of the joys, rewards, and challenges that ranch owners face after purchasing a property.

Patrick still flies private jets occasionally to keep his piloting skills current and spends his spare time hunting and fishing. Patrick divides his time between Austin and Hye, Texas and has been married to his lovely wife Kathryn for nearly 30 years. They are the proud parents of two children, Taylor and Chase.

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