How AFR Membership Works

Our members are independent leaders in their individual markets, with reputations built on integrity and excellence. Together, under the AFR banner, we can support our buyers and sellers and the success of our members. 

All AFR applicants go through an interview process to confirm if they are a good fit for AFR and vice versa. AFR applicants must be approved by the AFR members as well. This is for overall member compatibility as well as due to market exclusivity. 

Full Membership

Our full AFR company-level membership includes custom design, social media, full non-mls web-listing support, and digital marketing strategies for your company brand and listing support for your full team and all qualifying listings; regardless, if you have two agents or 20. 

Individual Membership

Our individual membership includes custom design, social media, non-mls web-listing support for up to five sites, and digital marketing strategies* for you, the individual member and only your listings. 

For more information about AFR membership contact