Climate conditions in S. America affect crops and Ag life

South America and other regions face troubles with crops and agriculture due to La Nina weather…Read on ->  

Why & How To Invest In Land

There are 2.3 billion acres of land in the United States. Do you have your piece of it? Land continues to be one of the strongest and most trusted investments available, with interest rates at a historically low level and massive spikes in consumer confidence. Driving the nation’s current demand in land purchases is a […]

Selling Your Vacation Home

You hear it from everyone, “vacation homes are a good investment,” but unfortunately that only holds true if you’re going to be using that property on a regular basis. If you don’t use it at least once a year you’re not getting its full worth. With that in mind, the decision to sell won’t be […]

Improvements Before Selling

If you have land for sale, you know how important it is to separate your lot from the others on the market. There’s a lot of competition out there, and naturally, buyers are looking for where they can get the most for their money. Making some improvements to your lot, either before listing it or […]