Corral panels: Your legacy’s last line of defense

Barriers are important to keep you safe and secure, no matter if it’s a dam that holds back water or a fence that keeps your cattle safely contained. But a barrier is only as good as the materials that hold it together. All ranchers know the struggle of dealing with cracked, rusted, and bent or […]

Real Estate Is Emerging as a Hedge Against Roaring Inflation

American Farm and Ranch Land

Despite the headlines these days regarding inflation, which is at an almost 40-year high, safe havens are on the horizon with investments in real estate, specifically land real estate, as an alternative to investments in stocks. Many people are evaluating what to do with their savings after being in lockdown for the past couple of […]

Texas Exotic Game Ranches Take Hit

Exotic Game Ranches in Texas have taken a hit with the winter storms that swept through Texas. Many ranchers lost structures, animals or supplies due to the weather. The Exotic Wildlife Association is estimated a loss of more than $250 million. To learn more about the cause and effects, you can Read more here!

Wheat Futures fall overnight

With corn and beans slightly rising, wheat took a fall overnight. See how this affects the industry going into the warmer months Read more    

Regenerative Agriculture: Beneficial?

The regenerative agriculture movement can help fight climate change along with many more things, read more here 

Historic storm and temperatures shut down many states, TX at ground zero

This historic storm and cold front has affected millions. Power outages, cattle in danger, diesel powered machinery seized, read more below to see how and when it will hit near you… Storm front larger than Texas is pummeling most of Midwest

Crop Insurance: What you must know…

When crops are lost, a claim is made with crop insurance. But how to avoid your claim being rejected? Follow these simple guidelines ->    

3 Things Your Listing Needs

Have land to sell? If you want to maximize your chances of finding the right buyer in the right time frame, you need to make sure that you’re including enough information in your land listing and the type of information that potential buyers are looking for. A listing that’s rich in imagery and parcel specifics […]

Climate conditions in S. America affect crops and Ag life

South America and other regions face troubles with crops and agriculture due to La Nina weather…Read on ->  

Why & How To Invest In Land

There are 2.3 billion acres of land in the United States. Do you have your piece of it? Land continues to be one of the strongest and most trusted investments available, with interest rates at a historically low level and massive spikes in consumer confidence. Driving the nation’s current demand in land purchases is a […]